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2022 'Rosalee' Rosé of Pinot Noir

2022 'Rosalee' Rosé of Pinot Noir

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Named 'Rosalee' in honor of our matriarch Rosalee Fogarty, this Rosé is produced from a single block of Marafield clone, Pinot Noir grapes. Grown at our Gist Ranch Estate, this Swiss clone presents the right amount of tannic and phenolic strength to create a tasty rosé. 

Will’s Cabin Vineyard is less than half a mile from the Gist Ranch Estate. The vineyard sits on fine, sandy soil known as vaqueros sandstone. It is also north facing and 200 feet higher, making it much cooler than Gist Ranch. Here we have planted swan and Mount Eden clones. Uniquely, we’ve also incorporated Mariafeld, a clone originating in Switzerland, which tends to add more tannin and a deeper color to the wine. This clone is used to create a Pinot Noir named after the vineyard as well as our Rosalee rosé of Pinot Noir.
Winemaker Notes
The 2022 is characterized as a challenging year in our 40 years of viticulture. What began as a relatively normal growing season, quickly turned hot like we have never seen before. The week of Labor Day the vines were severely damaged due to the 100° F temperatures. We saw sugars spike in Pinot Noir well ahead of ripening. Despite the scorching weather, the wines turned out remarkable. They are rich and full bodied due to the escalating sugars. Every vintage tells a story; the 2022 vintage will be remembered for the heat wave that pushed us to our limits. The wines reflect these challenges but are ultimately delicious, shockingly fresh, and representative of this wild season.
Technical Data
Pinot Noir
Santa Cruz Mountains
Vineyard Designation
Will's Cabin Vineyard
Alcohol %