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Membership Terms & Conditions

Cancellation Policy: You will automatically receive the next release of membership wine unless requested otherwise. Two releases are required prior to canceling the membership. The exact cost will vary according to the individual wines selected and applicable shipping and taxes will be added to the wine prices. Canceling prior to the second release will require charging back all benefits received. Your subscription(s) must be canceled 10 days prior to the next scheduled charge date by contacting Thomas Fogarty Winery in writing or via email.  Your subscription is not canceled until you receive an email confirmation of cancellation from Thomas Fogarty Winery. No cancellation refunds are available for wine releases after the charge date. Cancellation fees will incur if these policies are not followed.

We understand that life has its ebbs and flows and would like to keep the membership flexible for you. We allow the membership to be put on hold one time to accommodate your commitment. If your membership is put on hold, benefits and discounts are immediately revoked, and are not reinstated until the membership is active. 

Shipping Policy: If shipping address edits or changes are made after the charge date, all rerouting/reshipping fees or replacement bottle charges will be passed on to the member. Please contact the winery via phone or email before the charge date to make any shipping changes to your release.

Pick Up Policy: Allocated bottles are stored for members for up to six months after the charge date. After six months, Thomas Fogarty Winery has the right to sell the bottle, with no refund available to members. If inventory is available, any pickups after six months may have the option to take the latest release as a replacement. After a year of storage, Thomas Fogarty Winery will automatically ship the release to the address on file. Membership shipping benefits will not be apply; standard rate shipping will be charged.

Terms & Conditions are subject to change.