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2016 Carbonica

2016 Carbonica

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It features soft tannins and is bursting with bright red and dark fruits, layered with hints of herb and pink peppercorn spice. The "carbonic" character melds perfectly with the tobacco and spice flavors inherent to the vineyard. 

Bricco Cacciator sits above the town of Soquel, a mere 6 miles from the ocean. At 600 feet above sea leave, it basks in cool, but sunny ocean air most days. The long growing season is ideal for spice inflected and saline wines, especially for the Syrah grape.
Production Notes
Whole bunches of Syrah were layered in the tank with copious quantities of CO2 and sealed. The fruit sat undisturbed and allowed to "ferment" via carbonic maceration for 14 days. This enzymatic "fermentation" is not carried out by yeast and only occurs in anaerobic environments. It amplifies the fresh fruit and spice aromas and extracts quite a bit of color. It is often utilized to produce wines with immediate appeal and drinkability.
Technical Data
Santa Cruz Mountains
Alcohol %