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2013 Gist Ranch Estate Apex 1.5L

2013 Gist Ranch Estate Apex 1.5L

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The vineyard was densely planted in the year 2000 at elevations reaching 2300 feet above sea level, 17 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean. The heavily fractured, vaqueros sandstone soils and unique mountain micro-climate produce singular, deeply concentrated wines that demonstrate the power and elegance of the Santa Cruz Mountains appellation.
Winemaker Notes
2013 will go down as one of the earliest and most memorable harvests in the history of the estate. The vines responded to the drought-like winter conditions and mild spring with a precocious bud-break. Early May saw bloom begin first in Will’s Cabin Vineyard, a full month earlier than normal. We experienced a particularly windy May that was punctuated by a low-pressure system that rolled through the last week of the month, dropping almost a quarter inch of rain. This severely lowered yields in some of our later-flowering, and best, vineyards: Rapley Trail, Albutom, and Portola Springs. Yields were lower across the board, likely due to the dearth of winter rainfall in the last two seasons. The majority of our vineyards were dry-farmed this year, which resulted in thicker skins, more tannin, and great flavors at the cost of less fruit. Such is the trade-off between quality and quantity in viticulture. Harvest began with the early-ripening Swan clone of Pinot Noir in Will’s Cabin on August 17th, and strangely finished with Gewürztraminer on October 4th.
Technical Data
Cabernet Sauvignon
Santa Cruz Mountains
Alcohol %